Welcome to PicklePrison

I'm so excited for this moment, I hope you all are too.

Welcome to PicklePrison everyone, the official announcement of launch is finally here!
Basically, PicklePrison has been in development for some time now, and it is so close to finally being released to the public.

PicklePrison wants to bring a unique experience of Prison back to the game, I love Prison, as I'm sure a lot of you do too, but now it's back, with a couple twists, and new unique features, I am so looking forward to this.

So first off, the OFFICIAL PUBLIC LAUNCH of the server is 14th of December, 2p.m EST. That's 7p.m in London, or between 5-8a.m across most of Australia. This date had to be pushed back a little bit, as there has been a lot going on with the server and fixes which have had to have been made. Want to access the server early? Join our discord channel at and drop a message in the #general channel! Our IP is '', so get that loaded into your Minecraft clients for sure!


Updated Payout/Rewards post in Announcements tab on the discord! Voting links are below!


This is really what I'm most excited about.

So many awesome features for all of you to enjoy!

They can be explored on the server, but to put it lightly a little list is here:
- Custom Textures (Weapons/Pickaxes) Preview!
- Inventory Pets
- Dungeons
- Custom Dungeon Mobs
- Dungeon Loot Chests
- Bosses
- Player Skills
- EXP Fly
- "Pickles" Currency (Exchangeable for items, kits, keys, DONOR RANKS!!!)
- Godly Kits
- Leaderboards
- Crates
- Donor Exclusive Mines
- Bounties
- Cool Animated Banners Preview!
- Plots
- 20x Prestiges
* and more to explore on the server!

We are looking for staff members, so head over into the forums, introduce yourself in the introductions section, get talking!

And to kick-off this server launch, we will be giving away 1x
PICKLE rank! (TOP DONOR RANK), all you have to do is register to the forums, and drop a reply in this thread below! Let's get this party started!!! IMPORTANT!!! When registering, ensure to check Spam folder, as activation email may be sent there!!

Thank you so much for all the support, and looking forward to seeing how large this can grow!! :):):)